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Medienprojektzentren Offener Kanal
Ausgabe 3/2023 – 15. November 2023

Newsletter Ausgabe 3/2023 vom 15. November 2023    Medienprojektzentrum Offener Kanal Gießen: Unser Praktikant aus Pakistan

Unser Praktikant aus Pakistan

Medienprojektzentrum Offener Kanal Gießen: Unser Praktikant aus Pakistan

MOK Gießen.

Rizwan lebt seit 2 Jahren in Deutschland. Gerade macht er ein freiwilliges Praktikum im MOK Gießen. Er spricht bereits passabel deutsch. Einen kurzen Bericht über sich wollte er jedoch lieber in Englisch verfassen:


My name is Rizwan Ullah Sandhu and I am  18 years old. I was born in Pakistan. I am living in Germany since March 2016. My migration from Pakistan to Germany with my  family had a great impact on my life. There’s a lot of difference between these two countries. In the first one I am born and have spent first 17 years of my life and in the second one is a complete unknown place to me. But i have started to adjust here and by the passage of time it will get better and better….I hope so!

The feeling to leave your best friends and the places you have played in your best part of life ‚the childhood,  can not be described in words. When iIcame to Germany from Pakistan it was like moving from a haunted house to the most safest and peaceful place! I thank to Allah that I had a chance to get here and now I am here. The first challenge for me in Germany was to learn the German language, which is not that easy.. But I am going to the Willy Brandt Schule Giessen and I am learning fast. As I have best teachers to guide me.

And these days I am in Offener Kanal Giessen. It is a Film projects production centre. Here I am doing my „Praktikum“. It’s for two weeks. Now I’m in the middle if the second week. It had been a great time. I have done a lot of new experiences here and have also learned many things about the Film production. I am making a documentary here about the Mosque and the activities of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Giessen.

I would say that these days have been one the best and memorable  of my life in Germany. It’s a great pleasure to be here. Thanks to all the amazing people here!

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